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Brass Collapsible Dripper



This is the Ultimate Travel Coffee Brewer!


Virtually Indestructible Collapsible Brass Pour Over Filter Holder.


I found this little Brewer a few years ago, at The Bunker in Westport. I bought out their entire inventory to share with my friends in the Coffee Lands. I've been on a quest to find a reliable source since then, and when I gave away the very last one in my pocket to a friend, the situation became dire.


This is the perfect way to make coffee when you just can't make it into the Broadway.
All you need is a Cup, A Filter, Ground Coffee, and Hot Water.


I personally guarantee this little brewer will make your mornings, afternoons, and nights fully caffeinated!
Jonathan M. Cates, Jr.

The dripper is equal to one bag of coffee for our flat rate shipping.


Shipping Breakdown:

1-4 bags = $9.00

5-8 bags = $14.00

9-12 bags = $19.00

13-16 bags = $24.00

choose local pickup = FREE!

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