Guatemala San Jose Poaquil

Guatemala is one of the most interesting countries, in terms of diversity of flavors, I have found in my travels.

According to ANACAFE there are more than 7 distinct areas that produce unique coffees. This number is growing due to an educated younger generation of farmers, millers, baristas, and roasters within Guatemala.

Our current coffee comes to us from my friends Jose, and Sara in Antigua. Their sourcing and export company, CafeMar is moving forward on the work built by their Father Don Jose, and his right hand man, Don Paco, at the Historic La Azotea Mill.

In the past, coffees from surrounding areas close to Antigua were brought down from the mountains, processed, dried and sold as “Antigua Coffee”.
In my travels through Nicaragua, it is common practice to transport coffees to a drier area for finishing, storing and finally export. The infrastructure, and climate in the areas coffee grows the best is not always possible to dry coffee properly. In Guatemala, coffee producers are usually small holder farmers who lack access to wet milling machinery, and even further to a mill that can dry the beans.

Jose and Sara are working with producers in San Jose Poaquil, and San Martin Jilotepeque to identify exceptional coffees that might otherwise end up in a commodity SHB lot, or sold to middlemen and blended away.

I cupped dozens of different coffees earlier in the year, and the micro lot from San Jose Poaquil stood out as extraordinary. We left Antigua to see this area just North of town to see for ourselves. The road between SJ Poaquil and San Martin was not even on the map.
Foot paths leading up to hillside coffee groves looked like they had been used for hundreds of years. The small farms, and lush green valleys were the most fertile areas we drove through on the Expedition.

I hope to work with the kids at CafeMar in the future as they continue the commitment to sourcing and finding special coffees around Antigua.

This coffee displays the Classic Antigua character of Hazelnut and Cinnamon, a Sweet Tangy Aftertaste, and Medium Body.

Gracias Jose, Sara, and Don Paco! I’m looking forward to meeting up with you again.

Jon Cates

Guatemala San Jose Poaquil


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