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Swiss Water Processed Decaf House Blend 15.50-16oz. bag

Our Decaf Blend is as versatile as our Signature Espresso Blend. We recommend this blend of smooth, rich Colombian and Old school herbal Sumatra, to be enjoyed both in the Drip/Filter method and also for use in your Espresso machine of choice. The process of Decaffeinating the green coffee is done with heated water. Opening the cell walls, and releasing the caffeine into the water, can damage the matrix of the green coffee resulting in a lack of flavor, and premature staling of the roasted coffee. For this reason, only the best green coffee should be used for decaffeinating. Some roasters seem to get the critical aspect of superior flavors a little backwards, thinking that the decaf drinker doesn't care about flavor. We want to give people who are a little more sensitive to the effects of caffeine the same intoxicating flavors and aromas our "regular" customers enjoy. I've even heard rumors of customers that actually listen to their Doctors, and avoid the 16 shot a day prescription written by many of our baristas. They too, may enjoy the Decaf. If you have the urge for the sweet flavor of espresso, or just a hot cup of rich coffee at say midnight, I would invite you to try our Decaf. If you really want Decaf, don't let someone make you feel like a second class citizen, you should be able to have it taste good, especially after noon....

Price: $15.50 - $16.00